Frequently Asked Questions??



How much is the course?

Each course may be priced differently.  Click on the course you wish to purchase to see current pricing?


Is there an annual fee?

Yes you will need to purchase each tax year.  There is a discount for the next year and you will find that link in your course.


I purchased the previous year where do I register for the next year?

The link to register at a discount can be found in your current course in your library.


Can I use the same system for multiple businesses?

Depends on the companies.  There are a couple of different business models when it comes to direct sales and they are recorded differently.  Just reach out before purchasing a second DS system and I can let you know what you need :)

Non Direct Sales Businesses are customized to each individual business owner so those are only for the business that they are designed for. 


Do you have a Bookkeeping Course/System for Canada?
The Norwex course has spreadsheets for Canada and the US.  If you need another course just reach out and I am happy to make sure the spreadsheets work for Canada as well. 


Will the training videos always be available?

The bookkeeping course will remain in your library until the tax season for that year has expired or you register for the next tax year.  If there are any other reasons for your course to be discontinued or changed you will be notified through email.  


What software is needed for the spreadsheets?

You can use Excel or Numbers.  There are also free versions of One Drive, Google Sheets and iCloud.  They are not compatible with Libre Office or other versions of open office type software.


I am not very tech savvy, is this course for me?

I highly recommend checking out the Free Course Preview to see an example of what a course and spreadsheets look like to help you make a decision. 

You should have basic computer/internet skills.  You should have basic knowledge of how to use spreadsheets, download & Email file attachments, locate files on your computer, save files properly, Etc 

You should be comfortable to watch, listen, and follow the video lessons and implement what you are learning. 

Someone is available to answer questions about how to use the spreadsheets and any course questions/issues.  Questions are answered within 24 business hours.

We do not offer IT Support to work with you on Computer or Software issues.  Once the documents are saved to your computer we have no control over where they are saved and how to locate them in the event the information is no longer found. 


Can you help me with completing my tax return?

No, you must use a licensed tax professional for tax related questions or help with completing your tax return.  This includes questions about any tax software you are using.