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My Story

When life is good the bills are paid, money is in the bank and we have no worries.  But at any given moment life can take a major turn.  Whether it is a job loss, an accident, or medical issue.

This was my life, happy and healthy until one day it all changed.  In 2009 I found myself sitting in the unemployment office with everyone else affected by a drastic change in the economy.  There were limited jobs that could replace my income and everyone was fighting for them.  So I immediately started cutting every expense I had even down to the size of my garbage can.  On my journey, I joined a direct sales company to supplement my income. I also found Dave Ramsey and that’s when my life was changed forever using his methods on how to manage money. 

After a couple of years, I started helping others in direct sales understand how to track and make sense of their business finances and eventually became certified through Dave Ramsey to become a financial coach to continue helping others to regain their financial freedom and to protect themselves from an unforeseen life-altering change.

Today I have a passion for helping others using all that I have learned on my journey so that they too can have a life with less stress about money and to be prepared for those bumps in the road that for most would cause a financial crisis.

Jody Duron
Financial Coaching / Business Owner





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